A WordPress Question

Do you prefer someone share your work with a reblog or a pingback? Do you want people to share your posts at all?

People sometimes create accounts, write posts, even make tags, press publish and never realize people might read their words. And then share them! I know… Gary is crazy.

When I share a post I try to pay the ultimate compliment to the author by pressing reblog, disabling comments, and making a reference to the post in the way of a comment. I never leave a reblog blank because I want to show I at least read the last line of your post that said Opinionated Man is such an asshole. My reblog is a guidepost to your blog basically.

I don’t pingback and share a post by writing about it and linking it… anymore. People get prickly over that and really feel like you are binding them to the entire subject of that post. You might want to remember that. I’ve had the bad end of sharing by having people get angry at my reblogs and asking that I take it down. I do because the sharing for me isn’t about the post, it is your post, it is about me reading something and liking it enough to comment. When I comment I generally reblog as the comment because I’m busy and that’s that.

So do you prefer a reblog or a pingback?

I like scotch.

-Opinionated Man


95 thoughts on “A WordPress Question

  1. I can’t understand why anyone would object to having his/her posts reblogged — it’s the sincerest form of flattery, after all — but anyone who doesn’t want to get reblogged can always disable the reblog feature. It’s very easy to do.


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  3. My favorite is Ginger ale! I cannot reblog. I guess it is not a thing for self-hosted WordPress blogs. I always thought reblog is good – Some one liked my post that is why the person reblogged. Have a wonderful evening.

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  4. I always reblog. Starting in 2017, I’ve been very selective of what I reblog. I try to fit what I select into two categories, posts that fit the mission of my blog (helping and promoting other authors) and helping out blogs with smaller numbers of followers by helping them get exposure. This was how I was helped and I want to pay it forward. It seems to be working. I’m picking up followers at a pace of 3-4 per day.

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  5. Am always flattered when a blog post gets a pingback or reblog. Rarely reblog myself but will always try to link/pingback to other bloggers when inspired or to give credit.
    I guess with a reblog one has more chance to explore that other person’s blog though…hmm have to think about that.
    One thing I really dislike though is when a link/pingback doesn’t open a new window/tab. I prefer being able to return easily to the original post if that makes sense?

    Oh, and at the moment I prefer gin. With a twist of lemon 😆

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  6. I see them as serving two different purposes. A reblog is a nice way to share someone else’s post or someone else’s blog. A pingback is a nice way to refer to another post within your own post.

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  7. I would much rather have a re-blog because it’s will show me that my subject is valuable enough or well enough written for you to care about enough to re-blog it. I re-blog others posts, but I generally either let them know or I ask my readers to check out their websites and think of following them. I think this is ok, but I could be wrong- Thanks for starting this conversation-

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  8. When done to me, I take both as a great compliment and appreciate the thought and time the person took to either link my post or reblog it. I’ve also done both for others and have yet to receive any negative feedback from doing so. However, I can see where pingbacks could cause potential issues, especially when the blog post is debating the original blogger’s post. That’s where I think bloggers should tread carefully.

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  9. I don’t mind pingbacks or reblogs as long as I get the notification that it was done. Like you, when I do it, I try to disable comments and send the reader to the original blog. What I HATE are blogs with no original content and only reblogs. That is my pet peeve. I admire how you do your reblogs.

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  10. I prefer re-blogging both for when someone likes my post or when I really like someone else’s. I think reblogging is the ultimate compliment because I give up my space to promote someone else’s writing. I don’t mind ping backs either .

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  11. Jason, I like gin and reblogs, which In my opinion are the highest from of a compliment and close to the highest form of alcohol; notwithstanding single malt scotch but of course you have to have some sort of content (which i don’t) for someone to reblog your post. I believe you choose high content for you reblogs and say; keep it up.

    PS. I think I’m going to start calling you “BabyFace” instead of Jason.
    “Auntie” dru

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  12. I also prefer the reblog, especially if I am on the receiving end. That way I can get a taste of the article and decide if I want to follow it on to its full blog.

    Actually, I prefer vodka, but a good scotch is right up there as well. I like the Sinatra blend.

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  14. I prefer reblog. I have trouble with ping back on the WP app because I don’t know how to get the full address. I need to learn how to disable comments when I’m reblog though. To me a reblog is paying homage. So far no one has ever gotten on to me for that. Actually most are flattered and thank me.

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  15. Interesting to consider. I hardly ever reblog, so I don’t ever expect others to reblog my posts. However, I don’t mind getting a reblog now and again. A pingback is fine too, but I prefer a reblog.

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  16. I like the way you re-blog because it gives me a chance to look around the author’s site and follow if I like what I find. However, I do use pingbacks when I mention a fellow blogger, so that s/he can be properly credited and recognized.

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