Depression: Tired

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I don’t feel (have the energy) to really write right now.  I’m tired.  That grogginess of foggy sleep-brain.  Today I tried and failed to wake up “earlier,” was up for a little bit, then fell into a nap/sleep/depression coma thing mid-day.  still exhausted.  and all I kept thinking, kept repeating to myself, was that I didn’t want to sleep, but all I wanted to do was sleep.  Even with some time and some money, I couldn’t think of a thing I wanted to do.  that’s part of depression too I suppose – in terms of anhedonia, no motivation, no ambition, etc. etc. … anyways, that’s about it.  I think I’ll showcase some others’ points of view.

The song that seems relevant at the moment is John Doe’s “Field of Dirt,” which I can’t find a postable recording of (I do own the CDs…), but a sample is here.


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