Beauty and the Beast

I won’t spoil the movie for people. I thought it was great and the night would have been amazing.

It would have been.

Until the Dad next to us decided he was going to sing and then talk through the last quarter of the movie! I get it, the movie was long as fuck, but that doesn’t mean you get to entertain your kid in the middle of it at the expense of those sitting around you! Particularly when I just spent $100 on my family to see the movie, not hear you try to audition for American Idol by us! You didn’t even sound good! Fuck that pisses me off.

So yea… great movie. People suck.


53 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast

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  2. I’m not really into musicals or Disney movies, but you said that “people suck” and you got my attention lol. Do you reaaally think it’s worth watching?

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  3. Yet another reason we are becoming a nation of recluses. I’m beginning to believe that the in-home entertainment media are planting obnoxious people at public venues in order to drive us all into their arms.

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  5. Ye I get really bothered by people talking at a movie or even in church. I think in those two places you should be polite for those around you. I get mad at people talking at a theatre. It really bothers me and pisses me off…A LOT!!!!! I have asked people to be quiet before. I can’t remember if they listened to me or just got annoyed at me or what, but someone singing or my gosh. I would have moved away from them because it would have annoyed me so much. I would have asked him to stop singing for sure. How annoying and very very disrespectful and rude to everyone in the theatre! His children were probably even annoyed by him!!! Ugh! I would have had to move or something….. Sorry for your experience for the annoying man…..

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