Who is a Cool Kid?

I’m always flattered and a little amazed when people label my blog as a “popular WordPress blog.” Don’t get me wrong it is awesome, but anyone that has been following this blog since it was born knows that this blog is far from “popular.” In fact I’d venture to say that my blog could actually be used as an example for what not to do if you want to be successful on the WordPress platform.

We all start at one and we all have different goals for blogging. The number one question I get from bloggers is how to grow a blog and my immediate response is always “is that your goal?” Many bloggers believe they want to reach the moon only to discover they were fine on earth. And honestly… there is no one on the moon to talk to.

Blogging is. That’s the point people forget. Blogging is… whatever you want it to be. It can growth and networking, or it can be fun and entertainment. It can be release and it can be our shout in the night.

What is blogging to you?

-Opinionated Man




41 thoughts on “Who is a Cool Kid?

  1. All of the above…no, wait… my heart sings every time I see another ”plus”, however, gaining many followers is not my goal. Quality first (connecting) , quantity second.

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  2. I’ve been blogging since 1998 or 1999. One of my first posts, if not THE first, was my fumbling attempt to define what a “blog” was – for me. I honestly couldn’t think of anything else to write, so I explored that concept. I don’t recall, now, how I defined it, but a tech columnist with the HindustanTimes, Deepak Mankar, picked it up and mentioned me in his column as a “veteran blogger.” I found this out through “vanity surfing,” back before anyone coined the term for that. After I picked my jaw up off the floor and stopped laughing at the notion that my earliest attempts at blogging had made me a “veteran,” I wrote to him, and we became friends. At first, blogging was a lazy way to add some dynamic content and interactivity to my static website. I used Blogger, which was then owned by Pyra Labs. The more they tried to make it a one-size-fits-all, “user friendly” platform, the more dumbed-down and, paradoxically, difficult it became to use. Now, in 2017, WordPress.org is the basis for 98% of my site.

    But that’s not really what you were asking, is it? For a writer, blogging is just a creative outlet. I’ve never been content with writing “just for me, because I must!” (I think some writers have picked up this mantra as a defense against criticism, but honestly, if that described me, I’d keep all my writings under lock and key, in a box, under my bed. I write for readers. I want to entertain, inform, amuse, provoke thought, invoke emotions – to me, writing is communicating, and communicating is a two-way street. Without the comments, it’s just broadcasting. With the comments, it’s stimulating and fun.)

    Unfortunately, not all bloggers are interested in communicating. As you have pointed out elsewhere, some are just in it for the eyeballs, the “Likes,” the click-throughs. How deadly dull. We all like the “Likes,” but the comments are what really give some indication that readers are out there, reading. I’ve seen the “cool kids” come and go, over the years.

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  3. I’ve not been too far behind you since you started, looking over your shoulder and watching you from a distance sometimes.. In your early days I saw the work you put in.
    I think your question is very pertinent ‘What do you want from your blog?’ I think you did want the numbers and I hope you got what you wanted. I’m not sure if that is still your goal? If not what do you want? Would you ever consider starting over, not for numbers but for something else? Maybe you already have? (not looking for an answer).
    I blog because I love to write. I don’t chase numbers but I do like it when I’m read or can engage with others via comments. I’m happy where I am but sometimes think I should make a better effort.

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  4. I have a small blog that I am very happy with (just celebrated a milestone 🙂 ). I started with a general idea of what I wanted to do. My goal is simple. To give people a place to take a break in their day. Everyone needs a place like that. BTW, I love reading your blog. You help give me MY break in the day. 🙂

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  5. Fun! That’s why now. I was told by a friend to try it. Originally it was going to be about fantasy, kings, white horses etc, but instead thought it might help people with a relatively unknown cancer.

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  6. I started blogging because my former daughter-in-law told me I was going to blog. lol My goal is to help people learn the things I’ve learned over decades of being a wife/mom/grandma. But over the last year I’ve also learned a great deal from blogging and reading the blogs of others. And I would like to grow my blog. The more people I reach the more help I can provide.

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  7. It started as catharsis, but evolved into an amazing exercise in communication. I love the connections made here. The blog growth has never been a goal, but it is a lovely side benefit. That being said, I/we all know that we only have a core group of true “readers”. But, that is okay by me.

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  8. I see so many negative ideas regarding relationships–how to keep a man, catch a man, find out if your man is cheating on you, blah blah blah. I write about a real relationship between two very busy people. It’s not perfect, and that’s OK, too. It’s important to enjoy the little moments as they come.

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