The Social Outcasts of WordPress

At the end of the day we are all simply bloggers here. Welcome! -OM
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Jessica Bakkers

Millie Schmidt’s great blog post, The Cool Kids of WordPress awoke the inner anarchist in me and I simply had to create a post in the same spirit but with my own black twist to it.

You see, at school I was not one of the cool kids.

I was the brooding goth who stood in the corner wearing a vial of my own blood around my neck and spouted demented poetry at anyone who came near.

And in many respects, I don’t think I’ve changed. Although I aspire to be a respected writer I doubt I’ll ever reach the heights of the ‘cool kids’ as mentioned in Millie’s post.

So I dedicate this post to my fellow goths, nerds, and exchange school students – let’s unite in our noobness, our under-developed reputations and shout a loud “we’re here!” to the WordPress community.


I’ll kick off:

“G’day all! I’m Jess…

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