I don’t know the cool kids, but I know where they are. I know where they sit and write, I know where they blog.

They are the same individuals I envied upon, the same blogs I commented on.

Those comments sit there still today, forgotten and alone.

I hope no one ever thinks I am one of those people I knew.

I hope everyone sees the process I see, sees the blog I grew.

But I know humanity and what we really see. I know blogging and how bloggers tend to be.

They’ll see the numbers and the likes. A selfie or maybe two.

They’ll see what they want to see.

They’ll never see you.

That is blogging and blogging is what we do.

It all makes up what we love…

who would have knew?




38 thoughts on “Blogging

  1. If I were one of “those” bloggers, I could just hit “Like,” give you a pass on that last line, and let you get on with your life. But I’m not. I hope you didn’t fall off your step-stool and bonk your nose on the way down, reaching so far for that rhyme.

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  2. I believe that blogs are something that grow as your confidence and skill grow. The life of a pro blogger seems glamorous for sure but it’s full of responsibility as well.

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  3. I honestly never wanted to be a blogger really. I thought it was far too hipsterish for someone like me. You can only really know what blogging is about when you become a blogger. To quote Raheem DeVaughn, until then, you only know what you think you know.

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