I think we simply like to know someone else is caring to share in the moment with us. But what moment are they living? My reader is full of the lives of others and sometimes during my busy day I pause my life to see what the world is doing. Not the world that my government wants me to see or a corporation. Not the world I walk each day. The worlds you all walk and the people you talk to. The endless boundary of ideas that surrounds the social network that was created when networking online started.

When I began my blog in 2013 I had two goals. They were 50,000 subscribers and 1,000,000 views which I reached. Koreans tend to reach their goals.

Life moves on. I will admit at some point I thought I would add my “blog” to my resume and work in the media industry. There are possibilities out there and opportunities in those fields in the States, and if you have the will and drive to want that type of job you can find it.

I don’t.

Not at this point in my life. I currently work in IT for my day job and I blog as a hobby. Trudy at asked me “well what is your goal with your blog?” It is a bit unclear. I enjoy just having it at this point. It kind of feels like standing back for a bit after the labor portion has been done. I am also extremely busy with my day job.

And then I check my sites I use because it is routine to check them at least weekly. I see my hard work dying and it hurts inside. I was talking to Danny at about how it feels when we see our stats drop.

You see we do care about our stats because that is part of blogging to us. That is what made it fun for me during my graveyard shift those two years. How many people could I meet and blogs could I visit? How many connections could be made if you really tried, really grinded it out. I have no clue how I found it on my phone, but my phone gave me a number my website could never display. Linda from asked me once how many blogs my blog was connected to and I really didn’t know at the time. I do now Linda!

Networking was a goal for me and was a part of blogging. The writing was separate.

That is how I viewed blogging and honestly still do. The numbers matter for those of us that care to get our hard work in front of as many faces as we can because those readers are why we are doing this. We learn tricks and tips to push and pull our posts, and that is all blogging. Sharing, caring, connecting and blogging to pass the time.

I hope everyone is having fun blogging in their own way.

Jason C. Cushman

-Opinionated Man



35 thoughts on “Blogger

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  2. Thank you for sharing! Sorry but I found “Koreans usually reach their goals” funny!
    I just started blogging regularly about 6 months ago. I am using this as a way to grow in my writing skills. Yes, I would love more followers and people to read my blog, but for now, I’m cool with developing discipline and consistency as a writer.
    Not to sound overly religious, but I’m trusting God with my stats. I don’t really have time to focus on chasing stats. I need to perfect my craft!

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  3. Thank you for mentioning me, Jason. I think about this stuff all the time and whether or not I’m serving my audience and how well am I doing it. I’ll space out sometimes just thinking about these questions in a loop. Maybe I’ll reach an answer soon.

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  4. I am not happy being a small blog. Ha! I know that is not what I’m supposed to say but it’s true. I grew my last blog to a nice(r) place but this one is not going as well. I have faith and I’m committed. I also believe that it’s all about connections. You have to treat others the way you want to be treated. I am totally into that. I just lack a certain amount of patience. 🙂

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  5. Interesting with your most popular day as Wednesday at 10. My stats also show Wednesday but at 20:00. I’m in the CET timezone. I wonder if Wednesdays are a popular day every where or is it wp that trick us to believe that?

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  6. Every time I hit a new (to me) blog, many new bloggers enter my zone of interest. I want to respond to every one of them if there’s even a glimmer of interest. I don’t know how many followers I have…but I try to keep up with blogs that I follow. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed when looking at my email, I can’t possibly reply to everyone….and not even thinking about people who “like” my blog. I’ve been working at my blog since 2011, the last three years I might say diligently…sort of. There are those who interact with me every day, my online friends. I visit their blogs, and they visit mine. The problem, for me, is that my email is so overflowing that I seriously consider trimming my email addy…or setting up a new one to grab “regulars” so I don’t lose them among the occasional visitors. The “unfollow” button is so accusing…daring me to go to the Reader and choose blogs to eliminate from my queue. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings….AS IF…and if I studied a periodic list of bloggers that “unfollowed” my blog…it would hurt my feelings, because when it comes to that sort of thing, I am an idiot.

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  7. Ah, well we’re all connected in some way or another, right? 🙂 I learned everything I know about blogging from you, my dear. It’s been a while since I said thank you. So thank you. And don’t say I don’t need to. 😉

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  8. you do gooder work with your blog bro. I have fun picking up your tips and I especially liked learning the one to blame Gary. sage advice and counsel from our resident ninja is always a good thing. I suspect I’ll reach your level of achievement in 30 – 40 years if I live that long. I’m happy with where I am in the meanwhile.

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