A House Divided

A divided house will fall. What is the price of choice and options? How high is that price when what we witness is nothing actually happening.

Politics in America is a unique beast. If you scroll through facebook right now you’ll probably see tons of posts on American politics, Trump, and most of those posts will be opinionated in nature. I keep hearing folks say “I’ve never seen the political climate so nasty” and I find those statements amusing. American history is short and yet so many people don’t study it other than what we are forced to learn in sixth grade American History class that we slept through. If you give the political history of the United States a real read you’ll actually find that the two “sides” decided for us have always hated one another. They’ve made accusations against each other, called the other party liars, claimed people are communists, and have even fought duels and killed political opponents. Funny part is that is all the stuff we KNOW about and is documented…

The most frustrating part as a citizen of this nation for me is to watch a president spend his entire presidency undoing what the last president did. Then we have elections and we rerun the show. How much could actually be done if people stopped undoing and just DID for once? How remarkable would that look?

I understand why we have a party system. We are Americans and we love to think we are being given the freedom of choice. But to the intelligent eye we aren’t being given choices at all. We are being given a puppet show and I am fucking over it.

Jason C. Cushman

-Opinionated Man



39 thoughts on “A House Divided

  1. Same here. We have so much traffic congestion that every time I get stuck I start swearing. The last state government signed a deal all ready to go for an east west link and we all thought it was a done deal. The new government got in and scraped it all paying in the millions as a penalty for it out of our tax money. We are still stuck in traffic . The federal government have since withdrawn their fundings as the funding was for that particular project. So very stupid if you ask me . What a waste of resources.

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  3. Yep, keep your eye on the ball folks…the key is keeping the people confused, amused, so they can be used. Starts in kindergarten… teacher appoints to “leaders” and advises them to “choose teams.” After the first pick the kids all want to be on one of the teams. Blue Team vs Red Team. Tiffany’s Team vs Pinky’s Team. Me! Me! Pick Me! I will follow blindly whatever Tiff says…..and You are my enemy because you are on Pink’s team. We hate each other already, and we’re only five!

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  4. Over my many years on this blue/green rock I have enjoyed the political process…until recently. Something changed, and not for the good; a polarization of the two ideologies. You can even pinpoint it to a single moment in time, and a single person…Sen. Ted Kennedy in the hearing for Robert Bork introduced the “litmus test” whereby no democrat would ever permit a pro-life judge to be appointed to federal courts, or SCOTUS. From that point on the lines were drawn and the two sides have drifted further apart.

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  5. Very well written, it seems like no body wants to see what is right in front of their eyes. This is why the show has been going on for decades, once people see through the illusion I believe the whole thing will collapse until then the show must go on.

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