Natures Silent Reverence

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From the dustiest of deserts

to the lush trees hanging heavy with Spanish moss

there is a feeling of reverence.

The roar of the waves as they hit the cliffs and break

or the gentle lapping of the lake against the shore

the sun reflecting diamonds and colors against the water

bring tears of reverence.

From red rock formations with the vortex of healing energy

to the tallest peak of the snow topped range.

Solid, ancient, awe-struck, reverence.

Listen to the silence, the wind, the water. Stop talking, stop judging, just listen.

Accept the beauty that surrounds you, envelops you, become one, breathe deep, connect.

The beauty is not asking anything from you, it doesn’t care how much you weigh, what your income is, how many earthly possessions you own. It is simply nature, silent, reverent.

©words/images, Alexis Rose

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