WordPress App

So I was disconnecting and checking some settings in my wordpress app today and went to “sharing.”

It showed me as sharing to someone I don’t know.

I’d check that setting if you post by phone. I’ve been blogging by website and phone since 2013 and this is the first time I’ve looked there by my iPhone.

I don’t know the person listed or the email added.

Interesting. I learn new things each day and maybe I just put the name Gracie Lynne in as my name. Stranger things have happened.

Check your phones! Could just be me.

Jason C. Cushman

-Opinionated Man


15 thoughts on “WordPress App

  1. I’ve tried to use the app on my android phone as well and it is rubbish. I only use it to read the comments on my posts and sometimes reply to them. Rarely if I am on the bus etc I read posts…but the app doesn’t function well at all!

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      • Don’t blame you Jason – WP can be a bit strange at times – I have one author who sends me the HTML version of any post he’d like posted on my blog – so I copy / paste it into the WP TEXT tagged page, then save and switch to VISUAL for any further work – and I invariably find at least one visual included that, when I query it, he has absolutely no idea where it came from LOL


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