I am

I am a ghost. A shadow of what should have been that is just trying to be.

I am a man. But sometimes I feel less than human as I began again the routine of life.

I am a blog. At least I have the written me to remember me by.

I am. And I continue to try and be.




19 thoughts on “I am

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  3. I love the line about having written your blog to remember you. Having a large library of posts almost gives you a kind of immortality as your words here may remain long after you’ve passed, unless you delete the blog or there’s a big fire at the WordPress server building.

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    • Hooray! Hooray! Together by the power of love from on high? No telling how quickly we can rush the Kingdom of heaven down to earth. No more ‘broke’! Blissful future on the making for us all! Let’s prepare. 🙂


  4. I bet you’re more than a ghost and a shadow to the girls in the photo with you. ❤ 🙂
    I feel invisible at times but I’ve been noticing when it’s to my benefit as well.

    Love this verse. Provokes a lot of feeling and translating it to thoughts is difficult.

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