I am

I am a ghost. A shadow of what should have been that is just trying to be.

I am a man. But sometimes I feel less than human as I began again the routine of life.

I am a blog. At least I have the written me to remember me by.

I am. And I continue to try and be.




29 thoughts on “I am

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  3. I love the line about having written your blog to remember you. Having a large library of posts almost gives you a kind of immortality as your words here may remain long after you’ve passed, unless you delete the blog or there’s a big fire at the WordPress server building.

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  4. I bet you’re more than a ghost and a shadow to the girls in the photo with you. โค ๐Ÿ™‚
    I feel invisible at times but I’ve been noticing when it’s to my benefit as well.

    Love this verse. Provokes a lot of feeling and translating it to thoughts is difficult.

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