My March Plans – #musicalmarchđŸŽ”

Who is up for a music challenge? Share some music! -OM
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But I Smile Anyway...

I’ve had an idea

#Loveuary has ended, February is drawing to a close

What could I do in March?

And so for me, #musicalmarchđŸŽ” was born!


Nothing too serious or tedious.

Just a chance to share some songs!

Every day, I am going to post a couple of songs. Some are favourites of mine, some hold a meaning, some are just memorable for various reasons!

One will be a Western song, one will be Eastern, to encapsulate what I am!

If you fancy posting a song for any reason this March, tag it #musicalmarchđŸŽ” and link back to one of my posts so I can listen to your special songs too!

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