Picture Battle… OM vs Cyra – Sweet fight!

I’ll take the skittles and the cheetoes!!!
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Cyranny's cove

Ahhh… it was bound to happen.

I went for a scroll down my Reader, and came across this declaration of war! Click here!

Jason might think that I am in no shape to battle, and he is almost right. But “almost right” means that he is wrong!

There is a problem here. Well, two problems, to be exactly honest. First of all, I really don’t have a sweet tooth, unless you find me something sweet that has something (and, really, anything at all) to do with Denmark. Second, I’m cheap. I really wanted to battle Jason, but I was not going to spend a dime, or a nickel, or any other token to win my point.

So I had no choice… And I had to go where all the sweets hide, when I am at work (you know, that place I am always at, when not in Denmark!! And…

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