45 thoughts on “Life

  1. Just had a year of slowing down. We’ve been working consciously at it and are making time for ourselves, downsizing the stuff we have at home & going out a lot more. It’s been great!

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  2. Have you seen the new Disney movie Moana? I was watching it and there is a character Maui and he has tattoos all over him of events that happened in his life and he has one where his parents gave him away. I thought of you when I saw that scene. I don’t know if you’ve seen it.
    I know. Soooo off topic on your post here!!!!! He has a good heart and had to find his way after being dumped. I don’t know…just thought of you and inthe movie he is very strong and powerful a demigod. Made me think of your strength and persistence in life. Ok. Well I will just stop this rambling and hope you don’t think I am a nut job. But i do read all of your posts and your words mean something to me.

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  3. Fuck slowing down. Press on. Always forward. GO GO GO! MACH SCHNELLER!

    …I’ll be perfectly honest, I have no clear knowledge of what I’m talking about or where this comes from. It’s a late night and I’m trying my damnedest to be positive. :v

    I hope you are doing well, though, if that counts for anything!

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