Why I love blogging?

I love blogging as well! Nicely said!
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Aesthetic Miradh

I started this blog for no specific reason, apart from the fact that I was drifting away from what I loved, writing and reading and also the reason that I wanted to be in a world where I could be me and not the ‘pretentious me’. I wanted a world, a sphere where I could find myself and get answers to few of my mental ramblings. I may not have the answers to all of my weird and cryptic musings but over these past few months I have come to love this blogosphere.

I love blogging. I love the people here, every single one of you. My love is present not only because you read, follow, comment, like my posts, but I love you guys because you are there, which more often than not people who are physically present in my life fail to do it for me. May be…

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Free Gifts Today!

Free gifts today from Richard!
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Richard Rensberry, Author at QuickTurtle Books


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All of our E-BOOKS can be downloaded for free until April 3rd in celebration of National Library Week. Reviews welcome and much appreciated.

Richard and Mary Rensberry, Authors at QuickTurtle Books

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Youtube or Blogging – which is better?

Welcome to WordPress! I’ll say that the comment section is much kinder here than on YouTube! 😄
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Blogging Smartly

To start off, lets first know what youtube and blogging is :


YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. Nowadays, many people prefer to watch videos than reading online. Because of low data cost, more and more people are coming to YouTube. You can easily make money by uploading videos. For uploading videos you need to create a YouTube channel, which is free of cost, for creating a YouTube channel, you need a Gmail account. Login with your Gmail account with YouTube and create a YouTube channel. It is the very easy process.

You can make huge money from blogs, but you can’t make money initially, You can easily create a blog, there are two types of blogging platform, free and paid, in free, you can’t make money, in paid you can monetize your website using a different monetizing platform. In blogging, you will discover more…

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I know I did some videos last year and shared them on my wildly popular YouTube channel here https://youtu.be/S_McTJA23BE. I think it has twelve subscribers and growing.

I stopped making videos and people probably want to know why. I won’t go into too many details about what happened to my face while fighting crime with a sword… wait that’s the plot line to the movie Deadpool and I’ve been taking selfies so that lie doesn’t work. I don’t know why I stopped making videos.