I know I did some videos last year and shared them on my wildly popular YouTube channel here https://youtu.be/S_McTJA23BE. I think it has twelve subscribers and growing.

I stopped making videos and people probably want to know why. I won’t go into too many details about what happened to my face while fighting crime with a sword… wait that’s the plot line to the movie Deadpool and I’ve been taking selfies so that lie doesn’t work. I don’t know why I stopped making videos.



A HarsH ReaLiTy

Angry: Holy shit this blog sucks. Who the fuck is rowing this boat?

Sarcasm: Well technically none of us would be rowing anything because we don’t exist.

Angry: Fuck off dude, seriously. Where was your smart mouth all week at work? But now we are stuck here while happy hour joe has a good time. What did I do to deserve this? I mean seriously. Did I kick a god’s dog?

Peace: Brothers please! We should write some scripture!

Angry: Our views are falling fast enough…

Sarcasm: Wait, back up. So he is off drinking and we are stuck here watching ice melt? I feel… angry…

Angry: Exactly. Dammit this blog stinks.

Beauty and the Beast

I won’t spoil the movie for people. I thought it was great and the night would have been amazing.

It would have been.

Until the Dad next to us decided he was going to sing and then talk through the last quarter of the movie! I get it, the movie was long as fuck, but that doesn’t mean you get to entertain your kid in the middle of it at the expense of those sitting around you! Particularly when I just spent $100 on my family to see the movie, not hear you try to audition for American Idol by us! You didn’t even sound good! Fuck that pisses me off.

So yea… great movie. People suck.



I came upon a lonely tear sitting upon a window seal.

It sat crying itself to sleep as it began to dry.

Whisper, whisper… I hear it say why, why, why.

Why did joy have to come and now I must die.

We held hands and remembered when pain was all we knew.

When tears numbered with the fears and smiles were so few.

I sat by the spot where my tear once lay.

A place of life from my past that shows I went this way.