Sharing Endless Good Fun…Only With You, Lovely Folks!

I came for the food!!! What a fun post! 👍😀 -OM
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Teacup Talk

Hello everyone,

This is Mark, Andrew, Logan, Diane, Becky and George from Post a Book!

Thank you so much for accompanying us on this wonderful and exciting journey!

Today “marks” the birthday of Post a Book since we began our adventures about a year ago. 🙂 We have the story plot down, along with the drawings, and a group of lovely readers who have been so supportive! 😀

So, to celebrate this wonderful achievement, we’d like to throw a party for all of our followers on Teacup TalkandPost a Book. Since the party takes place in a virtual world, please feel free to invite yourself in, lovely folks! At anytime.

Are you ready for some good fun? Let’s get the party started!

First off, a fun movie for you to enjoy! 😀

Oscar’s Oasis

Please note: Because we have a very diverse background in our readership…

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