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This is why you buy a bottle opener. It is 2017! I hope you feel better soon! We will send Gary to open future bottles for you. -OM
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The Modern Theologian

About a month ago something happened to my hand. It’s swollen and painful, difficult to write even this. So far doctors have ruled out everything (PCP really), and have sent me to a rheumatologist. Every try to make a new patient appointment with one of these? The ones my PCP recommended (all in a practice together) have no openings until May, who wants to live with pain for 4 months? I had to go out of network (if you like your doctor….) to get one that has an opening in 3 weeks. I will be away from the blog at least that long, even doing replies is painful enough that I have really restricted even that activity. Typing left-handed for a right-handed person is a laborious activity. But, I wanted to let people know why I have been inactive, and will be for the foreseeable future.

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