Sometimes it feels like life is different stages of being tired. As a kid I thought I knew what “exhausted was” and doing multiple soccer camps in a row is exhausting. But that word doesn’t meet the definition I met when I was in basic training and it doesn’t match the new meaning of the word as a father of kids that works a regular job.

This week has been rough. This month has been rough and work is causing me to redefine exhausted once more. I’m tired, but not sleepy.

I ignore people I shouldn’t for those I should.

Don’t have time to blog.

Haven’t written a single page on any of my drafts.

And someone ate the last snickers ice cream bar. I think it was Gary.

Sounds like being an adult and having an adult life. It fucking blows.



60 thoughts on “Tired

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  3. I have been so with you on that. It’s the wintertime blues I’m thinking. So, I started forcing myself to the gym. I started writing a check list of things to do just to feel as though I’m accomplishing something, anything. I have to write and I just can’t get motivated. I’ve got so many half started projects that need a shot in the arm. I hate it.

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  4. I always loved that Toys R Us commercial. I don’t want to grow up! I still don’t like being a grown up even with all the advantages….No bedtime, would love a bedtime, well, actually that’s one of the few I like…Growing older is not for the faint hearted. Hang in there OM. Blog when you can, won’t speak for your other readers, but I’ll be here!

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  5. I have felt like this many times in the past year or so. Tired is an understatement. Best thing to do is to take a few days to rest and recuperate. These days, a weekend of nothingness is absolutely priceless!

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  6. Sorry to hear that…especially about the snickers ice cream bar. I’m pretty busy these days too and I understand how you feel. Hope you take it easy though. And know that after your little break, many of us fellow bloggers will still be here!
    Take care.
    Teacup Talk

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  7. You can’t ignore the emotional component of being tired. You may have your stamina needle pointing to empty and still finish the fourth quarter because the game exceeds the pain while on the other hand you cannot summon the energy to keystroke another single word due to being “totally exhausted.”

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  9. Inside tired is way worse than outside tired. Outside tired is relatively easy to fix with sleep. It’s harder to re-energise inside. I’m an introvert and find time on my own doing nothing helps!

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  10. Those snickers ice cream bars are so good. I don’t dare buy more than one at a time.

    I hope you find your rest. I feel ya. I am at about 4-5 hours a night, and sometimes interrupted, sometimes a catnap mid-afternoon if I can get it. It adds up

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