The Valentine’s Day Roller Coaster

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viCARIously speaking


I hope everyone had a splendid Valentine’s Day with their sweetie.  Or themselves, if you are lacking in the “sweetie” department. Whatever.  V-Day in the Hoover Household was business as usual for the most part, however, my day could be described as nothing short of a roller coaster ride!

The Loop-the-loops and Peaks:

In (my) big news…. The Stealing Drawer was republished on Sammiches and Psych Meds! What might be considered trivial to some of you more experienced bloggers was nothing short of a freaking amazing feeling to me!  Seeing my work for the very first time, promoted on another website and Facebook page literally took my breath away.  If you want to show your support, please feel free to click on the link –> Sammiches & Psych Meds – The Stealing Drawer

The family was syrupy sweet to each other all day long.  Seriously, why does it take a Pepto-Bismol pink doused holiday to encourage the kids to treat each other kindly?  Flowers, wine…

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