New Year, New Me?

Some honesty, a new year, and blogging. -OM
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Sara in LaLaLand

2017 to some, has been a refreshing exit from the shit-storm that was 2016 and to others it’s same crap, different year. For me personally, I’m still on the fence on whether this new year has brought out any differences in me.

We are almost a month in and my personal life has changed quite a bit. I’ve attempted to let go of hurtful situations. Although just letting go is not enough, so I have come to discover. There’s a lot of painful memories that I can only wish would die with the ending of the year, but in reality it isn’t that easy.

This year as a promise to myself, I decided to do whatever I can to be a better me. If I can help others in any way, even if it was just put a smile on their face then that’s what I’ll do. I find complaining…

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