It Still Takes A Blogosphere

It is very cool when we meet and connect through the blogosphere! -OM
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Cordelia's Mom, Still


Yes, Cordelia, bloggers can be friends even if they’ve never met!

(I know you know that, but it makes a nice first sentence, doesn’t it?)

Imagine my surprise upon returning home from work on Friday, when my husband handed me an envelope that had come in the mail that day.  He commented, “Malaysia?  Who do we know in Malaysia?”

I knew immediately who it was from! Pat, the writer of the blog, New Bloggy Cat, is in Malaysia!  How on earth did she find my home address?

(I’m not sure I want to know the answer to that … is it that easy to find me in today’s digital world?  Don’t answer that, Archon, I’m not sure I want to know how you did it, either!)

And, how on earth did the mail carrier figure out who Cordelia’s Mom is?   The envelope did not have my real name on…

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