This commercial just told me I could buy a drug to cure my stomach problems, but may cause me to get a life threatening disease called Kidoacidocious (spelling? A disease that causes the game to end). Why can’t they find a drug that just heals you… and doesn’t “possibly” kill you?




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  1. If they ever found a drug that would work and not cause other problems that would be one less disease or symptom that they could no longer make a fortune out of. They’d only sell you one pill at a time; where is the mind- blowing profit in that.

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  2. Honestly, for stomach problems, do this:
    buy some apple cider vinegar with the “mother” (that second part is essential).. heat a cup of water (or use your keurig like me), add about a tablespoon of the vinegar and honey (to taste) to sweeten it up. Do this twice a day. It’s natural with none of those terrible side effects and it works wonders for tummies and quite a few other things! Don’t be a baby, just drink it! I don’t mind it so much but my husband and kids won’t touch it! Seriously tho, give it a try.

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  3. Okie here’s what I learnt all these years practising . First do no harm. Second the benefits always outweigh the risks. One time I questioned a doctor and this was his answer . If I don’t give him the antibiotic he’s going to die. If I give him the antibiotic he might live even though it might ruin his kidneys in the process. So then what do I do? Don’t treat and let him die? I couldn’t argue after that 😩

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  4. Ketoacidosis is the disease that Dr. House always diagnosed but it was almost never that disease. I like the commercials that say if you are in a certain “state of arousal” for more than four hours to call your doctor. I’d call him eventually, but I think it would be after I called a bunch of other people to brag about it.

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  5. Because, if they did the insurance companies wouldn’t pay for it.

    Case in point. I have a chronic disease, there are three biologicals that treat it. Two have been around for over a decade, require extensive blood and liver tests, and cost $4600 per treatment (half that north of the border, but that’s another issue). There is a new drug that requires no testing, very few (minor) side effects, and costs about half. My doctors had me on it while waiting for insurance approval, worked beautifully. When the insurance company got back to us, they refuse to pay for it until I try the other two. Now, tell me that makes any sense.

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  6. Why would anyone want to allow the potential consequences to not outweigh the pain/discomfort it’s supposed to help alleviate? What you have is a case of big money demanding your money, they’re not going to make it worth it but claim you should do it anyways because the likelihood of developing something they have to warn you about it supposed to be practically nonexistent. Don’t get me wrong on that, I could be wrong on my personal supposition of the situation. I’m just the little guy so don’t take my word for it.

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