Some honesty

I don’t think most of you are technically “amazing.” I mean… what are you doing to be amazing? Are you jumping over buildings or catching meteors that almost hit us, Gary? No, you aren’t, and that would have been amazing…

Please note I never said I was amazing. But I thought it should be documented that I never said any of you are amazing. WordPress did with their widget. It could happen though! I’ve had amazing pizza before and someone had to of made it. That person was amazing. Just a benchmark for you.



38 thoughts on “Some honesty

  1. If you consider amazing as in magic. To amaze is to confuse an audience in order to appear as if the impossible is possible. Sometimes reading other posts makes me so confused that I don’t know how anybody ever understands other humans. So to me you are all amazing, and I’m going to lie down until the amazed head ache dies down. 😛


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