You have a large following

People say that a lot. I have a moderate subscriber number of people that have chosen to add me to their readers. But you earn a reader per post, that’s how blogging works. My true number of people that read my blog can be gauged through my daily posts and the comments, not necessarily the likes but don’t discount them. I value it all and people that nit pick about what is important in blogging in regards to random likes and follows really miss the point. Someone had to press the button right? So that’s their interaction and you in return respond how you wish. I see articles and posts on this all the time with people ranting. It is just a button and you obviously get to ignore their follow or like if you want to. If it is annoying remove the like button or disable emails from WordPress. I stopped getting those a long time ago. Damn this is a ginormous paragraph. Did I just use ginormous…

You never know why someone pressed it tbough. They could view it as a show of support for your site and not necessarily an obligation to read because it is in itself an interactive button. Some people read a few lines and press like. What’s really wrong with that? That’s like getting the cliff notes and on some long posts you need those. And a bathroom break.

Some people press like to save your post for later. They then scroll through liked posts on their “reading days.” Remember your posts are also in a reader format for most. The big question is how to get someone to physically come to your website, that’s what using WordPress as your platform is all about. You’ve paid nothing so they host your posts in portions by reader format.

You might wonder why I’m saying this as if it isn’t info we all know. I’ve been reading some posts and it isn’t info we all know. Some of you need to read this.

Put your energy towards doing you and your blog. Don’t worry about what other people are doing unless you really care that much to learn. Are some people running around pressing like on everything? Sure! Some are and are hoping you’ll visit. If you don’t want to then don’t. Obviously.


I’m done.


Oh wait. Someone did ask me my “true” subscriber number. It is seven and a half.

54 thoughts on “You have a large following

  1. Often times I press the like button without commenting. That’s when I’m simply enjoying reading various posts, and maintaining radio silence. There are days that I’m just feeling quiet. I skim some posts while reading others in depth. It all depends on my mood and what interests me at the moment.

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  2. Yes, yes you did use ginormous and I adore this post because of it. 😂 I actually didn’t realize people cared all that much about their subscribers lists. Maybe because I’ve never really paid attention to my own. I write and that’s that. I’m glad people read it, but then again, I’d still be posting even if they didn’t. Then again, I can see how people would want numbered proof that their words are getting out there.

    I don’t follow many blogs (about 12?) so my feed is usually pretty clean, but I have reading days, too, despite that tiny number! Like today is a reading day and I’m catching up on my comments on your posts and.. uhh.. I actually don’t know where I’m going with this. Let’s change the subject now. I’m “the half” right? I’d like to be the half! 😀 I’m very, very short in real life. (5’2)

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  3. I read your other article, about ‘I post anything’ and now I know what makes me like or comment or like and comment any article!
    Like is for posts that provide a good read, a comment comes when I really connect with the author on some points and the when a post has both, it makes me like and comment. 🙂
    Before reading the other article, i had just pressed the Like button here! 😉

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  4. I did not know about if you like a post you can go back and read later. I guess that is pretty cool as I always have great intentions to go back to places I rarely ever make it back. I personally don’t like an article until I have read and decided I liked it. 🙂

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