They’re Back

We’ll start this post off with today’s, this week’s, this year’s, this next four year’s topic of choice. I thought this was a well thought out write. -OM
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The Happy Traveler

Yesterday was Inauguration day for the 45th President of the United States.  I watched the events on television as many Americans did across our country.  I watched with as much of an open mind that I could muster…and I saw some instances of hope…I thought.

I noticed, once again, that President Trump’s family is lovely.  The recognition and appreciation of President Clinton and Secretary Hillary Clinton’s attendance at his Inaugural and his giving them a standing ovation was heartfelt and classy thing to do.

President Trump’s obvious affection for his ten year old son Barron and Barron’s wonder and enjoyment of the Inaugural Parade was humanizing of our new President and gave me hope.

Today…his first day…he chose to delegitimize the media and accuse them of publicizing falsehoods regarding his opinion of the Intelligence Community.  He did this in front of the CIA’s Memorial Wall of their 117 fallen comrades…

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