The Daily Opinion – Lunch

I am considering ordering either a pizza or a calzone. I fear ordering a single pizza for myself will be viewed as gluttonous by only those that spiritually care to care. But I love pizza and if I get to Heaven and there is no pizza I’ll wonder what Heaven is.

This isn’t really one of my normal daily opinions I guess. More a statement or profession of love.




31 thoughts on “The Daily Opinion – Lunch

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  2. I’m with you about heaven. I like pizza but I LUUURVE smoked salmon and I’m convinced there’s gonna be smoked salmon in heaven, so why not pizza? Works for me…. However if you are unsure then you need to eat several people’s allowance of pizza and get as much in as possible just in case there isn’t (pizza in heaven, that is). Just a thought!!

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  3. First, order a pizza exactly how you want it. When it arrives fold it in half – instant Calzone!

    Second, no pizza in heaven??? Why do you think Paul & Paul went to Rome, for the atmosphere and colosseum shows? They went for the pizza. They made sure there would be enough saved Romans to assure a steady supply of pizzas! Man does not live on Gyro’s alone.

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