I’ll Post Anything 

But I won’t write just anything. This blog is my outlet in the background, from my phone… mostly my phone.

Honestly I do a ton of posting from the toilet so you can all just exit stage left after knowing that… I even respond to people from the bathroom. So our moments together have been even more intimate than you may be aware. Particularly you Gary.

You ever have a line hit you and you keep saying it? Might be inspired by a song or a moment…

I write those lines here. I don’t save my life for a book, I am not here to write the next viral post. It was never my intent either to have the most subscribers on WordPress and my blog is small compared to many I know of.

It doesn’t matter. That’s all a grind I had time for, but now I read and write when I can. But mainly I post because I’m a blogger. We blog our moments like text messages to the world and if people read them great. If people respond that’s wonderful. But silence has never stopped me from sharing me. So I’ll keep blogging as long as they allow my domain to be hosted.

-Opinionated Man

Jason Chandler Cushman



27 thoughts on “I’ll Post Anything 

  1. The analogy between blogging and sending out text messages, it is so brilliant! I guess I belonged to this kind- ‘silence might stop people from sharing sometimes’; not anymore!
    I am so happy that you just post anything from your bathroom and you came up with this 🙂


      • yes, perhaps so. Sometimes anarchy is the best idea…but we just go back and forth between the ridiculous and the sublime. It’s hard to tell the difference. It occurs to me that the lesson about “who rises to the top of the stack” is learned in pre-school….a couple of little kids see their opportunity and launch a hostile take-over…including biting and spitting, and calling others “poopy head” and other simple insults. don’t mind me, I’m just waxing snarky today.

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