Day 1 #Loveuary❤ – What Is Love?

We need a little more love in America right now Ritu! -OM
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But I Smile Anyway...


Welcome to day one of #Loveuary!

February is here, the month of love, and I wanted to celebrate this wonderful emotion, but attempting to post about love each and every day.

First of all, we need to define what love is…

“Love is not merely an emotion felt due to romance,  there are so many loves out there. Family, friends, pets, favourite songs/movies/books, things to do/eat… You can feel love for anything. Each type of love touches your heart and life in a different way, filling you with warmth.” – Ritu Bhathal 2017

A verse I penned previously gives an indication of what love means to me.


Love is my life
Love is my hope
Love is my saviour
Love helps me cope
Love keeps me near
Love takes me far
Love can be blind
Love, a bright star
Love helps me see
Love is in me

Ritu 2016


Remember, feel free to…

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