The greatest thing in the blogging world is not the comment on your most recent post. It is that comment on a forgotten thought that was written so many nights ago it has been buried beneath your blog. And then a comment comes. It awakens that thought once more. That day… the surrounding days. The…


Shadow Tall

Shadow tall how tall you stand. You overpower me as you power me down. How very small I feel against the grain. It makes me sane to know I am within your shadow at all. You are the shadow, my Shadow tall. Jason 44.1



Sometimes it feels like life is different stages of being tired. As a kid I thought I knew what “exhausted was” and doing multiple soccer camps in a row is exhausting. But that word doesn’t meet the definition I met when I was in basic training and it doesn’t match the new meaning of the…


How the Bottle Drank Me

There was a time in my life when I was an alcoholic. Generally when I share this information people look at me and my youth and instantly shake their head. How can someone so young have ever had a disease that is always given a face of age, grief, and shame? What they see are…