Lock me up

I could let you lock me up and throw away the key. Lock me up so tightly, insanely inside of me. Where would I be a leaf without a tree. A prisoner of my mind. I simply want to be free. -OM 44.1 @smokendust


Giving Up…

It is hard to accept we have given up on something. Sometimes the release is necessary to heal and move on. Giving up has never been an action I have viewed favorable, but it is a crutch I have used in the past. It is easy to give up when you don’t care anymore. It…


The Night of the Big Game

It is a Friday night and I am just now getting ready for the school football game. It is my sophomore year of high school and things have changed somewhat. My friends and I are able to drive, life is a little bit more fun, but the bullying still exists on a frequent occasion. I…


Dear Bloggers

Dear Bloggers, Please try and use your own wording when using ideas off my page. I did not come up with Meet and Greets and don’t claim ownership over the idea, however, please change the wording if you take this idea right off my website. Don’t just copy my post directly… This may have been…


Fallen Beauty

I walked upon a fallen star and sat to contemplate once more. How beautiful a torn wing can be as it extends past its meaning. We wept. Remembering the feeling of floating, of flying. Fallen, but still beautiful. You are my fallen beauty. -Opinionated Man 44.1 @smokendust