I give people 24 hours to fix their mistakes and they don’t take it. You guys must want me to turn ugly. Doesn’t it feel wrong or is it just so easy to copy and paste someone else’s work? Didn’t your mother teach you not to steal? Did you copy homework in school? Did you take photos off the internet and use them as your own in college? No? So why in the fuck do you people think it’s right to do in the blogosphere? Because bloggers aren’t real writers? Because my words aren’t bound by a cover? Do I need to buy a giant copyright symbol for my damn site? I swear bloggers make me want to stop sharing my work for free sometimes. Grow the fuck up.

-Opinionated Man



43 thoughts on “Blogging

  1. Shall I start the fires and raise the pitchforks? They’re heavy though and I’m not sure who I should poke or how to poke a person from miles away, but I have them. And they’re very, very sharp. Don’t ask why I have them — just know that I do.


  2. If it’s a repeat offender, you should post a really offensive blog, wait for the person to plagiarize it and then take yours down so you can troll him. It’s all in good fun and in the spirit of alternative facts.


  3. Plagiarizing you would never be in my best interest anyway.
    Our interests, ideals and personalities are so different that if I ever attempted to pass off anything you write as being something “of my own” the differences in writing style (and also subject matter) would be too obvious to fool anyone.
    The reader would instinctively sense a difference in nuances and temperament.


  4. Plagiarism is something that I will never understand. I’ve put a disclaimer on my page of late to warn people I won’t accept it. I, like every other writer worth their salt here on WordPress, pour every fibre of my being into what I write. I’ll ensure that anybody who feels it a good idea to rip me off is meted severe repercussions. I also can’t stand people who reblog without prior permission.
    I’m sorry that somebody has done this abhorrent thing to you and I hope the sword of justice swings hard and true at this scumbag. The fact that they haven’t had the decency to even respond to you tells me everything I need to know about the person. They deserve everything bad they have coming to them

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  5. OM, it might be worth “outing” whoever´s copying your content on your blog. I once had the horrible experience of tolerating a blog stalker, a nasty creepy troll who obviously couldn´t write (too thick). I dedicated a full blog post to him and the psychology of a troll. Gave his online profile name in block letters, and that he always signed off as “Prince Charming.” Oh the irony! Also reported his account to Google, and it worked, never heard from him since.
    Another website copied and pasted some of my photos and claimed them as their own. There they sat amidst porn photos. I outed their website, never did I receive so many comments from other bloggers who´d had the same done to them from the same site. They too did their own blog posts about it, and eventually the site was taken down. I even got an apology via email from the ex site owner, and I was relieved my stolen content had gone. It´s been two years now, and no-one has taken over their domain name..
    I know your situation is slightly different, but the principle is the same, you just don´t know how far that type of person is going to go in future.

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