Lock me up

I could let you lock me up and throw away the key. Lock me up so tightly, insanely inside of me. Where would I be a leaf without a tree. A prisoner of my mind. I simply want to be free.




15 thoughts on “Lock me up

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  2. Love this. It could apply to people in many ways. One of which is keeping our opinions to ourselves out of fear of offending others. Obviously not something you have an issue with. Haha. But, that is how I have been feeling lately. Why is it okay for everyone else to share their opinion, but not okay for people of differing views to share theirs? My opinion often goes against what media is trying to promote and therefore very few people appreciate hearing it. But, I’m tired of being a prisoner in my mind, while everyone else has freedom to run. Yesterday I took my key back and unlocked the door. Not many agreed with my post, but at least I was free.

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