Blog Hop

People often ask “where are the bloggers?”

Where are they not? Bloggers are annoyingly everywhere and you have new platforms popping up every day. Here on WordPress most bloggers find new blogs off the WordPress “Reader” which works off tags and active posts. People then subscribe to sites and add those people that they like (me) to their personal reader. There is always an active stream of posts pushing through WordPress everyday through the tag system. There is someone this minute, this second writing an introduction post onto WordPress and hoping someone reads it and responds.

That’s what I did for three years, responded to people, and why my numbers are decently high for a personal blog. Once you’ve established connections you have to form it into a network if you are hoping to grow. A network takes some type of system of communication or connection that keeps the network strong. That is what generates the pulse of a blog, platform, website, group, cult or whatever you are making. How you keep that network going depends on you and what you are trying to accomplish.

As a blogger, my focus with blogging in the “networking” sense has always been to create a community around my posts. I don’t view my website in the singular sense many do and focus more on how my posts connect and show a full life as a whole. Because obviously a personal blog is about a person and I want my blog to be a virtual, personal presence in itself. The ability to connect with other bloggers through such a platform lies strictly in the discipline of the blogger. It takes hours, redundant focus and concentration on the parts of blogging that aren’t fun and are very much work. That’s networking through a blog to me.

Most bloggers are here to share their posts and have fun with it. Many people that visit this blog are looking for secrets and answers to blog growth and audience growth. That SEO basic knowledge translates to networking actively when it comes to WordPress. That’s the part most people miss when they try to utilize this platform.

I actively engage as much as I can while still focusing on sharing what I want to share. On days I can focus solely on blogging I catch up on comments and comments that I missed. I try to visit the blogs of those comment owners and will blog hop through their blogs as well. A blog hop to me is when you click on one blog, browse the comments, find new blogs you haven’t visited and click on them. You end up far from the road you started on and if you are lucky you find entirely new communities of bloggers out there engaging and conversing daily, just like we do here.

Because of how often I post I allow my pages to display more related links and people are more likely to find older posts. I also linkback and respin, so that helps dig up old posts for people to find. When I see a new like on my WordPress App I will generally check that post to see if I missed any old comments. I’ll also use that as an opportunity to reconnect and renetwork with old connections I may have from that older comment thread. Using your old comments to refresh and find new connections is excellent blogging.

That’s how I blog weekly. I post when I think of something and I respond to people I see pass by. My window to WordPress lately has been about five inches large, but it is my window in my hand. It is alive with the life of your lives throughout the world and that is what I love about blogging. That’s why I made my platform here and why I’ll keep it here as long as I can.

-Opinionated Man

Jason C. Cushman



40 thoughts on “Blog Hop

  1. hi! I noticed all your post are so good… I’d like to ask a favor to help me to improve my skills in blogging. You can visit my blog , I accept any suggestions and comments. I started blogging a few days ago, I appreciate any help. thanks!


  2. I really liked this. Very insightful even for somebody who has been blogging for several months now. I am on a personal crusade to garner a greater following (for a deeper reason than my ego, I assure you), so any kind of advice that might assist me towards that end is greatly received. It can be difficult to find that time to actually read people’s posts though, what with life going on around my blog. I’m trying my hardest though 🙂

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