Journal Entry 1099

Unedited. Most journal entries will be. Most of my posts as well…

I am laying on the couch listening to music. Blogging on my phone and have been all day. It is my day off and I’m exhausted. Four 12hr shifts in a row is a lot and then if you add time on the phone to help with overnight issues it is like 14. But that’s IT. And that’s where I’ve been…

Anywho, we’ll see what April brings. April come faster!

I shared a few fun videos on Facebook and then closed that app. Everyone is so angry and it is Trump this or that. If I watch my normal Morning Express they’ll also be yapping about political stuff and while I like to stay informed enough is enough. And there are still people dying around the world that need our attention. Not to mention the Death Star.

It amazes me what people take seriously sometimes but we are fed most of this garbage. I’m worried about personal stuff right now like why the God of Snow loves us and keeps snowing here randomly. And it is so cold… my feet are actually cold, but the blanket is a foot over and I’m writing this post.




19 thoughts on “Journal Entry 1099

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  3. Facebook is awful with the political commentary. However, I have found that traveling internationally is just as bad. I swear to you that every single time someone finds that I am American, the questions and comments about Trump and our election begin to roll in. I’ve decided to say I’m Canadian instead! 🤣🤣🤣

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  4. You’re in Colorado, right? so that means… what? by April it will be warming up? With the weather we’ve been having that’s not necessarily a given. I remember skiing Aspen in May when all the mountains got hit one last time. Sadly, I didn’t buy the T-shirt. lol
    Do tell us. What’s special about April. Oh! Those fuzzy socks are amazing.

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