Boundless Challenge #2

People are always looking for prompts to take part in! Thanks for sharing the links on and I’ll see you on Twitter @smokendust! -OM
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Confessions of a Reborn Girl

Yay, I accidentally published this post on Tuesday and totally confused you lovelies! By now, it’s probably no secret to you that I’m on Twitter. No worries! I have another, better, #boundlessmoment to share.

I made some progress on one of my New Year’s resolutions. This is a super baby step, but I made the export to text my neither during my lunch break yesterday because he mentioned to me that he feels like I shut him out. Even though it was rather short-lived, I think it went really well and a great step in the right direction.

Then, later in the day, I suggested to my brother that we keep our doors open while doing homework so we can vent to each other and just feel more connected. I think atmosphere is a huge thing in a relationship; if you physically can’t talk to the other person, you don’t…

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