69 thoughts on “Sleep

  1. I’ve always slept a lot . I sleep all the time. Can sleep on the train . Can even sleep standing up.
    Now I go at 11pm I’m up at 6am but then I crash after lunch for another 2-3 hours nanas nap 😂 on my non working days.

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  2. I’m 62 and, to this day, I STILL don’t know how much sleep I need.
    Still never had the opportunity to find out.
    Blame society.
    Blame stress.
    Blame urban noise.
    Blame late-night television.
    Blame early morning work schedules and appointments.
    Blame late-night oldies shows or talk shows on the radio.
    Blame noisy tenants living upstairs from me in the apartment building where I reside.

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  3. Which reminds me, I need to get a new job (one that takes into account my early bird tradition); last job I had was at Giant and that job fluctuated my sleep hours.

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  4. now that I don’t work in a hospital I can get away with less, if I got less than 7 hours then I could not concentrate. I probably sleep more now though, especially in the winter because I am on my own time clock.

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  5. Some of us are sleeping lots… my hand is held up… and other hardly at all. As the uniqueness we each are, we are all in different stages of the Master, the enlightened one is #Awakening… AND it depends whether s/he wants to experience life or sleep. However you are sleeping it is part of what is happening now and everything is perfectly ok. This in itself can take away any anxiety and allow you to relax… love to you, barbara x

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