Thoughts on Plagiarism

I have no sympathy for people that steal. I do not steal words that aren’t mine and I only share youtube videos via the link WordPress provides. I never make it seem like those are mine unless you believe I am Justin Bieber. That would actually be pretty cool considering I am his biggest fan.

I don’t share photos that aren’t mine. All photos I use on my personal posts, not guest posts, are taken by me. I don’t use free images or google images. I don’t use free sites either. People have asked me the “rules” for images and I respond with my own rule. If I didn’t take it I don’t use it.

I shared today about another blogger having their writing stolen. Make no mistake people, this occurs ON PURPOSE. People love to yank things off other sites and post it as their own. It happens every second of every day. People have been stealing my posts, words, and writing for years now and a new occurrence happens each week.

Why do people do this? It is really simple to understand actually. A person will browse blogs, see a popular article with tons of comments, and they will assume that all they need to do to duplicate that traffic is to copy and paste those exact words. Then PRESTO the same traffic will happen on their website and snowmen will blow angels out of their butts because the world will be so perfect.

This is ignorance on two levels. The first level is obvious, someone WILL catch you. Someone WILL see your post and will connect the dots. The blogosphere feels so big sometimes, but guess what? It isn’t. It is incredibly small and intimate. Once you are labeled as a plagiarist you better change your name and move to Antarctica. Bloggers have no patience for that bullshit and we don’t “forgive and forget.” We remember because having your words, work, or site stolen from feels awful. It feels awful.

People have to decide how they will handle these situations. I have my own methods. I am more of a blast em up type of guy because I have little time for bullshit. On rare occasions when I feel it might have been an honest mistake, I’ll email that blogger and tell them what’s up. I will then set a time limit before further action is taken. What action is there to take? That really depends on you…

I’ve reblogged stolen posts so that everyone that reads my site can see what a thief looks like. Of course often these bloggers will offer up some sob excuse about how they “didn’t know it was wrong!” Let me clear that horseshit up right now. We all did art in grade school right? Something like art at least, I know Gary was finger painting, but we all had some opportunity to create something in school as kids. Was it OK for you to steal Gary’s finger painting and take it home and claim it was your own? Why not? Who would have known other than your mom who knows you can’t paint worth a damn?

We don’t do that because we all know what stealing is. We know that taking something that doesn’t belong to you is WRONG. It is never right. Just because you can’t see the creator or the originator online doesn’t make it any less wrong. So because you didn’t see the hard work put into it you decide it isn’t a huge deal. Gary spent all day finger painting that!

I sometimes send emails to people.

Dear Blogger,

Look here fuckhead. You stole my shit and I don’t appreciate it. Remove my post immediately or my army of dwarves is set to march at dawn. You have been warned. Fuckhead.


I wouldn’t suggest using this exact wording…. but you get the picture. Whatever gets the message across right?

I understand some people don’t like conflict. I understand some people will find ways to feel sympathy for anyone and anything.

I do not play that game. I teach lessons because this is HarsH ReaLiTy. Don’t steal from people. Don’t steal from me. Don’t steal from other bloggers.

Write your own shit.

-Opinionated Man

Jason C. Cushman




52 thoughts on “Thoughts on Plagiarism

  1. Yeah, plagiarism is indeed a very ugly and a downright unethical side to the world of blogging.I haven’t personally witnessed the trauma and anger that comes with it but I completely understand what you would have gone through.I really appreciate and admire you being upfront about this thing and giving a be-fitting reply to the person.

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  2. Wouldn’t want to mess with you OM; listen here blog thieves, I will find you, and I will blast you, with words.

    I haven’t experienced this problem yet. But I can understand infuriating it would be for the artist.

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  3. Anything is better than stealing. If you can’t write it’s because you can’t think coherently. So then it’s better to write incoherently, respond incoherently, then we can appreciate them for being who they are. Perfect. At least their stuff won’t be stolen. Then again, anything is possible.

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  4. I like your response too… as if it’s a tough world, or a cold world, or it’s a hard knock life… if you heard any of those terms, but to say:

    “I teach lessons because this is “a” HarsH ReaLiTy”

    that is dope…. get that on Wikipedia and in the dictionaries and a book asap.


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  5. Dear Deon,

    I LOVE YOU, JUSTIN BIEBER!! And I love that I’m somehow lucky enough to be in your tiny, intimate, inner circle, here in the blogosphere. Wait. that didn’t sound like I meant it. Not exactly. Oh well, it sounded funny when I wrote it so I left it that way.

    Forever Your Bae,
    Jason Cushman

    Wait. I’m Deon. YOU’RE Justin. I mean Jason. And please don’t turn me in because I’m your biggest stalker. I mean your biggest fan. I would never steal your work even though it’s the best ever. I read and every word resonates and “I’m, like, baby, baby, baby. Ohhh. (JB)” But don’t judge me for stealing the perfect images and using them to express my admiration or my feelings. I’ll always hyperlink to the source and probably give them honorable mention, not that anyone wants that kind of attention from MY blog. But really? I don’t judge you for using that face, cute as it is, to hide your true identity.

    All that said, you’re right. No one should be allowed to steal your words or your site, or your heart. When I read it, I thought, no one should, and if anyone could, it should be me. Because “This is so wrong, I can’t go on, Till you believe, That should be me. (JB)”

    Gary’s fingerpainting sucked, because Gary sucked his fingers. Could he possibly have been more gross? Spit and paint, paint and spit. If it wasn’t for pica, Gary wouldn’t have ever eaten vitamins and minerals (and the occasional toxin). I only stole it so he wouldn’t embarrass himself in front of his mum, and I did my own fingerpaint for my mum and threw his in the trash. I did it and I’m not sorry. He was better off doing another one anyway.

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  6. I recently rediscovered your site. I had somehow unfollowed you, or the WP gremlins did, or something with the self hosting. To credit a book called The Bible, “Thou shalt not steal”. I may or may not believe the book, but credit and all. Pathetic.

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  7. I don’t have your scruples regarding images but I try to get mine from “free to the public” sites or give the source. THAT SAID, people who steal words exactly are LAZY, INFERIOR, HAVE LOW SELF-ESTEEM AND COULDN’T SAY IT THEMSELVES IF THEY WOULD EVEN TRY. I do steal ideas or more accurately an idea on someone else’s post starts my own though processes.

    Most of my posts are not original thoughts but at least I recycle not out ‘n out steal. ~~dru~~

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  8. I like to think that perhaps it isn’t so much that they want to replicate the traffic…I mean, honestly, it’s not usually the one post that brings the crowds, unless it’s polemic, it’s the voice and consistency…The Loyalty, if you will.

    It may be just as you state, that they are drawing blanks.

    Plagiarism is always wrong. Quoting and crediting, good.
    It’d be nice if people understood the difference 😉

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