Things that annoy me

When people ask to show you a “short video” on YouTube or Facebook and it ends up being thirty minutes long. I don’t have time for this shit! That’s a television show!

When people plagiarize from my blogger friends. Like this which was stolen from a blogger here

When you are out of the one thing you claim to serve. It says Pete’s Tacos and you don’t got no Tacos? Did they run away?

When people without kids tell me how exhausted they are. I get it and used to be the same way. Just know some Mom of three kids is muttering under their breath, “shut the fuck up I haven’t slept in ten years.”

-Opinionated Man



50 thoughts on “Things that annoy me

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  2. I like watching car reviews but not enough to watch it for 15-30 plus minutes. Is it a cool car or not? What cool gadgets does it have? How does it perform. 5-7 minutes, done!

    Oh and what is with 5-10 minutes of rambling bullshit before getting into the meat of why I looked at your video anyways?! Everyone’s gotta be a damn comedian nowadays.

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