Stealing Isn’t Cool

Is your work being stolen? Might be worth a look! -OM
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Rambling Kori

I originally posted this at around midnight and I was distraught with my anxiety goingway up. So feeling a bit hurt and confused, I took it down. As I stated in the previous posts, someoneas anon on tumblr (Who Franithinks is the culprit) sent me a link to a blog post that was word for word a post that I had posted almost 2 years ago. Thanks to the help ofCoolbeans (who truly is some coolbeans) I put the copyright claim up all over my blog, and I searched through their blog with a fine comb. I literally went through every blog post and googled little phrases here and there. I tried to contact everyone who the person stole from. One of the people that had their content stolen wasS&S(skinnyandsingle) and she is 10x braver than me because she went at this person with full force!…

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