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I think some people are sick in the head. I read comments sometimes and I really wonder if the people are being serious. The replies on adoption articles on Facebook are always a joy to read. Isn’t it awesome to witness how different people’s opinions are?

Opinions like this one – “Adoption is like abortion. Women can and get to change their minds! If they decide they don’t want the baby they can abort it. If they don’t want the adopted child anymore they should also get to return it.” Lovely.

Well I am glad we got that cleared up! Adoptees are nothing but purchases apparently and if one keeps the receipt… they should be able to return that child according to some people. And we get to be compared to abortion again and again! Who wouldn’t want the life of an adoptee?

Want to know the saddest part about this? Comments such as this are made by birth moms! But they still want you to feel sorry for them…

Don’t you?


You will never know the other side. Must be nice.





34 thoughts on “Adoption Post

  1. As a Mom (Adoptive) of twin baby girls this is sickening. My girls, and their birth family which we keep in touch with, are by far the greatest gifts I’ve ever recieved. I could never think about “Returning them” They are mine, have been since the day they were born. I proudly share the title of mom with their Birthmom and am thrilled to hear about her turning her life around and sharing photos and stories with her about our girls. Adoption is about extending a family not just by adding children but also by taking in the birth family if that’s what they want. My girls will always know they are adopted, they will never doubt their Birthmom chose adoption out of love and not out of simply not wanting them. And they will never doubt my love for them.

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  2. That is simply awful. How can anyone compare murder to abandonment? Yes, both are sad, very sad. However, abortion is murder plain and simple.
    I am sorry O.M. that these people have upset you. People unfortunately can be cruel and don’t use common sense.
    I am not saying by any means that adoption is the way to go, but I would choose that over abortion. For me personally, I could never do either. I hope that I have not added to your frustration and sadness.
    Be well, my friend.

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      • Ive become unspeechless……I know, that isn’t a word….my mother put my brother up for adoption. 9 years before my twin brother and I were born. When I was 18 and he was 27 he found us. I could literally FEEL from him the need to feel like he mattered and wanted to understand the why, and it felt like her giving him up made him feel broken, or something. She always acted as if it was no big deal. That she was “brainwashed” at the convent where she was sent and that she barely remembers anything. I found it such a stark contrast, her feelings, and his feelings. I loved him from the moment we meet, fiercely, like he was this missing link. I have no idea why I am rambling this….I guess because I always felt more for his feelings than I did for her lack of them and just wanted to share that for some reason. He said he loved his adopted parents. But we talked about how it would have been had we all been together. I don’t know. For some reason I always felt he deserved more. I’ve heard the “arent you glad she didn’t abort him” line. But I’ve always been angry at her for not being a mother to the child she bore. Yeah. No clue if that has any relevance or if I’ve just annoyed people.

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  3. Too many people a) treat children like the idea of getting a puppy and b) are obsessed with their biological legacy. There are too many pound puppies and too many unwanted children (adopted, not adopted, lost, waiting, latch-key). The suffering is unbelievable, but there are good stories out there. Hold on to a few in your heart. Here’s one I know first-hand: a couple of teenagers, strung out on drugs, had a baby. Baby came to me as “failure to thrive”. For three years those kids fought to get clean, find support, straighten out. And they made it. And she made it, back to them at age 4. She is now 11, a star student, and they are all stronger together. I love their Christmas cards, every year.

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