I think I disappoint new readers and shatter expectations daily. Not in a good way. They come here expecting amazing posts and awesome photos, a reason for why people subscribed. Instead they find out what I did today or who made me angry. Anger is very blog worthy.

They hear about how the corner of my bed tried to kill me last night and no hero or angel came to rescue me as I shouted “man down” from my bedroom floor. But that’s ok, I don’t expect you to always be there for me Gary or Danny. That’s blogging I guess. Besides if either of you appeared in my bedroom suddenly there would be questions…


43 thoughts on “Blogging

  1. I don’t comment very often but I just wanted you to know that I’ve been subscribed for a few years now and you disappoint me daily so I wouldn’t worry about the new readers 😉 i am terribly sorry to hear that your bed is trying to kill you though, I hope you reach a resolution soon before it turns the rest of your bedroom furniture against you as well. 😂 (although that would make for equally funny posts so I’m only hoping quietly)

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  2. I’m sorry your bed tried to kill you. Sounds like it may have been offended by one of your opinions and decided to get you back for it. You should seek confirmation from furniture that is more open minded than the closed corners of basic bedroom furniture.

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  3. I don’t know how anyone could NOT be impressed with your posts. I tell you what I find most impressive – is how clean and dust-free the corner of that bed is. And where on earth did you find patterned sheets?
    Oh – and by the way – are you okay? Thank goodness the corner is somewhat padded, or things could have been much worse.

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  4. Well, it made me laugh anyway. I find my readers love the silly posts I do about household items and minor annoyances than the ones I do about more serious topics. People just love to know other people have the same problems they do, and heaven knows there is always plenty of material to write about if you look around your own house and workplace.

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