Blogger Resolution 

We have decided that quality posts is what we are lacking here at HarsH ReaLiTy. We had a secret corporate meeting last night at HR Corp and while going over the spam mail we kept seeing “you are lacking the right quality articles to rank highly in SEO.” Grumpy thinks they are telling the truth and Drunk started getting a little too excited over some of the more… vulgar mail we also got.

We have resolved to only produce quality articles this year starting after this one of course. I’ve hired an editor who is named Gary. We even got a photographer to do the photos who is named Garreetta. There is even a copywriter named Gary. Everyone voted and said I should write poetry… only. I told them I wasn’t going to be bullied out of my own blog, I’ll write what I damn well please. They informed me of my new word limit.

I don’t like these changes, but Grumpy says that’s just me. I told him to fuck off. We’ll see.

-Opinionated Man



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