39 thoughts on “Daily 2

  1. I remember well the breaking point, the exact moment I vowed to leave that mess behind forever. At five AM I went out to clean and defrost the car and to shovel a path away from the curb. Task completed, the overnight drifts removed, I went back into the house to warm up with a last cup of coffee before joining the commute. While inside, the snowplow passed by and re- buried my car. Happy New year.

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  2. We are calling for 12 inches overnight. Cancelled schools midday here and sent kids home. Whiteout blizzards… (look at my photo on instagram from earlier!)uggghhhhhhh!!! I feel your pain! Well, except I leave the shoveling to the hubby, so I guess he feels your pain. Me- I just watch the pain from inside sipping cocoa… ok, who are we kidding, I have 7 small children at home, like I’m ever sitting down leisurely sipping anything. I digress. Sorry!

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  3. What’s all that white stuff?!? It was a bit cool my way…thought of putting on a long sleeve shirt but then I decided against it as it would be too warm.

    evil laugh

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