I know I have missed a ton of comments this past year. I still go back and look for them, but I’ll never find them all. I never ignore a comment, joke, bash, or word towards my way on purpose. It may appear like I do when comments are right next to each other, but I don’t work my blog from the website view. And I blog half the time by my phone. So my scroll view is different and I miss comments sometimes as I push new posts.

That is all to say that again I am sorry if I ever missed your comment here. I appreciate them all and I’ve done what I can to provide a blogging network people can find. Even if I stopped blogging today that would still exist on WordPress and much of my network met through connects on HR. That makes me happy to know that.

One of the biggest questions and I think the largest challenge for a blogger that mass networks is “how to avoid annoying people” while self promoting. Authors for instance will write a book and wonder how much they should promote from their blog. They don’t want to turn off Aunt Garretty or Uncle Gary because that would make Thanksgiving awkward. Who likes awkward?

I tell people (cough) Linda (cough) that the line between annoying people and not on social media doesn’t exist. You either are or aren’t. I hate all of your cat photos (ok I don’t, I love cats and needed an example and Gary doesn’t pass for a cat in this scenario) and wish you wouldn’t post them all over the place. Or someone might not like your food blogs or say someone that posts their drinks and random eye shots of themselves all around Colorado but I wouldn’t know anyone like that because I would never blog that way because it is unprofessional and 2017 is the year of the professional blog with no run on sentences…

Anyways, the line is what makes someone block your site and emails. I mean that’s the bottom line right? Unless you want a restraining order that kind of stops your blog from communicating with theirs. So you can promote yourself, but the moment you overwhelm them they… well what do most of you do to my posts?

I view it like this. People are going to like you or they won’t. And are we seriously going to expend energy over this, over blogs? Nah. I’m tired just thinking about it.

That’s why I post away and I’ve created “my feed” in the WordPress reader. People can read it or block it. But wouldn’t you rather just gather the ones around you that care? Those are the ones that stayed subscribed or keep you on their reader. Your job at that point is like any other blogger… entice the reader.

What the hell was this post about, let me scroll up. Oh right, sorry again…

I’ll be back and forth as I work on projects and my real job. You know the day job that pays the bills…

I’ll catch up on comments. Happy blogging WP!


42 thoughts on “Sorry

  1. Jason, happy new year. Man, you reply or like my comments and loads of others so I don’t see how you’ve missed many…
    If you enjoy blogging as much as you bring joy to others then keep it up. I follow blogs which amuse or amaze me and it’s all very personal. Keep going my friend and you will keep winning.

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  2. It’s funny but I so far, I think I have commented on your posts more than any other blogger… I think partly because I feel like you actually care about the comments that people leave and mostly because for some reason, I feel like I want to jump in on the convo 🙂

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  3. You made me think about the reasons I follow the people I do. I think that it’s probably because I feel I have come to know that person to some degree. Their work and talent interests me and as always, I’m curious about what they will do or say next. I also learn from others when they work through various issues in life.

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  4. Aaaachooo! Thanks for the cold, Cush. 😉
    Yeah, I get what you’re saying. I’m learning. I plan to push my next book–my real novel–a lot harder than the last one. It was more an experiment than something I hoped to make money on. Thus the 99cent price tag.
    Did you hear that? “All Good Stories,” a hilarious romantic comedy for only 99cents on Amazon! 😉
    No, really. Buy it. 😀

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  5. More than your posts, I focus on the comments on your blogs. I know it is a bad habit but I can’t help it because sometimes it gets really interesting than the post itself.
    I think you wouldn’t have missed many judging by my instincts.
    All said and done… Thanks for visiting my blog and go forget to reply … 😂

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  6. You’re most welcome. I haven’t gabbed with you in a while. I need to blog more. I’ve been under my editor’s cap for about three weeks, so my blogging and networking has gone to the dogs…..ha. You see what I did there? (I may need more coffee. Yep. It’s imminent.)

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  7. I’ve been without my phone for a month. Between crazy kids and a lot of running, I think it disappeared into the cosmos. This happens about once a year. Says a bit about my organizational skills, huh. At least I admit to it. The point of this post was supposed to be how exhilarating it’s been not to have to live by the phone. Not how irresponsible I am. lol Anyway, other than my father pitching a b**** when he can’t reach me, I seem to get alone fine with only the house phone. I use a computer for my social media, and feel that I get so much more done in my busy day. As well as being unorganized, I’m easily distracted, so it’s nice to stay on track and not have a beeping phone to lure me into the woods.

    In my own defense, I do care for 17 people, 27 dogs, 13 cats and find time somewhere in between to publish novels. It’s sort of hard to keep it all together, all the time. 🙂 (Now you can see why a phone drove me nuts. If it wasn’t ringing, it was beeping or notifying me that my friend washed her cat.)

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