Have any of you ever watched a full hockey game? It is like game of thrones on ice and you never know when the action will start. I often wonder if hockey were more popular would people care about how violent it is. I mean, it makes breaking news when NBA players “fight” and that’s normally an energetic shove. It isn’t a fight unless you are world peace. A fight is when that kid hit me in the twelfth grade and for a second there I wasn’t sure where all the pretty lights came from. How do hockey players even see the rink after getting punched repeatedly in the face? These guys are fucking warriors! I mean seriously… I hope I never make one of these players angry!

-Opinionated Man

30 thoughts on “Hockey

  1. Love hockey really do! I do think Modern Theologian has a point about it not being as brutal as it used to be. I remember back in the 70s with players like Dave the Hammer Schultz and Dave Tiger Williams who were only out there to fight. I think Schultz still holds the record for most penalty minutes in a season.

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  2. It is so ingrained in our culture here in Canada. It really is. All of my kids played at some point. One didn’t like it much so only played for a couple years but another loved it and played right up until 18. Still does ‘pick up’ hockey here too occasionally. My daughter went from hockey to figure skating and back to hockey. We always put our kids in ‘house league’ hockey where there is no checking allowed. It develops their skills without the need for nailing someone into the boards. There is a huge push though by some parents who put their kids in a more competitive league. It can get nasty even in the stands. Everyone wants their kid to be the next ‘Great One’.

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  3. I love hockey, the fighting not so much. It makes me wonder how these grown men explain their behaviour to their children after a fight. Especially when they try to teach kids to “walk away” “count to ten” etc etc these days

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  4. Here in Canada,hockey is KING. It’s a national sport even though Canada invented the basketball game. Hockey nowadays is getting faster and rougher. All for the win(FTW). New reality,I guess. Happy New Year to you and your family,Jason!

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  5. Cannot watch hockey on TV but I love going to the games live. It isn’t a “real” hockey game until there is blood on the ice. Love it when it is one big brawl and a hockey game happens to come out!

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