28 thoughts on “Cleaning Up

  1. I’m impressed with the non-clutter, when I do mine it will not be so neat. However, I have until 12th Night before my lights go out and I doubt anything (only have outside decorations up) but I doubt those will actually come down until the following Sunday. Still the decorations will not be so well organized as yours.
    Happy Happy and have a Safe one too. ~~dru~~

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  2. We packed Santa away yesterday – up in the garage rafters. Normally I have my family pull down the tree Christmas Day – I tell them it is merely a portal for presents, which has closed for the year. Christmas Day is a good day to do this, because everyone is held captive in the house, no gym, no restaurants, no stores – so they don’t have any excuses not to help. I don’t know why we were so late in taking it down this year.

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