Shade of the day

I see the world in color.

My shades of the day paint the world in the color that I may. A bluish tint gives my eyes a mellow glint as I walk through the fire. A desire to let the world feel my anger, I wear my lens of red so I don’t leave a path of dead behind me. They are warning symbols in disguise, but I hope they can be recognized for the meaning of my heart.

I see the world through tears.

A million tears brought by fears, I see a million colors too. Teardrops become my shades and to my amazement, I see the world in color once more. Not one color, or even two, I see you in more splendor than you knew. Watching through impassioned eyes causes more tears to fall from breaking sky. I can no longer be apart as I connect with a thought. The realization that I color the world myself. Through life and tears, through discovering myself.




27 thoughts on “Shade of the day

  1. And he writes his poetry sucks…really. It can’t be low self-esteem, so I think the scotch makes you dramatic…Oh wait, that must be that feminine side of you…:-P

    Seriously, this is poetry to me and real good poetry!

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