Owning a domain

Someone asked me why I own my domain or what is the value from it. Well obviously if you end up being smoking hot like Gary and blow up into a hot male model your domain might be worth something. Dammit why didn’t I take jasoncushman.com??? I bet one of you got it huh.

Owning your domain is simply a way of planting your virtual flag into the virtual world. See mine? See how it flaps? Wait… no wind in the virtual world… dammit, Gary where is that wind machine!

So I own my domain in hopes that one day a blogger will randomly log into WordPress, browse to my site, and say “dammit that guy is still blogging?!?”

That’s my reason for owning a domain.

And that I hope to be a hot model some day.

-Opinionated Man

Jason C. Cushman

WordPress’s Next Top Model…



52 thoughts on “Owning a domain

  1. I believe that if you want to blog as a hobby or a form of personal journal owning a domain name isn’t necessary. But when you have high goals, for example you are an artist, you cannot just have your name stolen by copycats.

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