“If you have 55,000 followers why do you only have a hundred likes per post?”

Because I started finger painting and people hate it. Stop shaming me!

Because I joked about being a woman, then being a man again, and now people are confused. Relax everyone… I still have balls.

Because I ran out of money for the very last SEO class that would have taught me how to retain my readers! I knew I shouldn’t of ditched that one! 😫

Because my subscriber number is really a jpeg image?

I started writing poetry. People hate it.

All 54,900 of my readers died this year.

Everyone is apparently writing books now and I’m still blogging!

Someone started a rumor that I died and now everyone thinks I’m Gary. Damn you Gary!

Maybe all I wanted was 💯 likes! Ever think of that???

-Opinionated Man


51 thoughts on “Blogging

  1. But the comment answer is 2 of 3…. Some are spam, spam follow popular people and high traffic sites and such because it wants to eat us alive like zombies, and 2 People tend to follow anything that’s hot and then be ghost to stalk that people to death or had life situations that happened and forgot they even followed you, and 3, it’s just the x-files of the internet… (cue the x files theme music)…. weirder things has happened in the world to worry about.

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